Hell-OH, everyone. It’s great to be back, after the slight holiday, although I cannot lie that it was hell, so I probably shouldn’t be calling it a holiday.

I’m SURE you have some burning questions as to where I went, who I saw, or any other stalker-esque questions. I can answer ALL of those, but I probably won’t!


FIRST THING IS FIRST: I was gone, because of some family issues. I wish I could have avoided said issues, but I feel I was thrusted into them.

SE-CON-DLAH: Samantha Gunner will NOT be posted as a chapter each month, I have changed my mind on this, because I was thinking of getting it published. I’m not sure who in their right mind would publish my pieces of crap, but it’s certainly worth the gamble!

THIRDLY: Lame Game pg. 21 DID post when it was supposed to, so if you missed that, why aren’t you clicking this giant link?

Lastly, I quickly cut Erosgaia off of the site. Why? I am stressed, I have to do Samantha Gunner, while dealing with tons of shit. Why would I start a new comic that doesn’t fit in line with anything my other comics are going to build up into? It also got HORRIBLE ratings, and I felt it came off very strong, way too strong even for me. So I cut it out, and dropped it.

Here’s the updated cover, that is obligatory to each blog post, lately:

What I’ve changed it in mostly the face, as in lighting, and that stuffs.


Updates from beyond the back pain!

Hello, Sirs, and Madams that are frequent to my near-weekly blog posts! If you’re new, why not read the ones before this? They’re not plentiful, but they speak HEAPS about myself.

So, why the hell am I making THIS post? Just a update, on some things. Some very important, some very unimportant, which do add up to become a important factor in the big ol’ scheme of things.

First things first: Why have I not been drawing very much? Well, on Saturday I decided sleeping on a couch was a better idea, than my bed. I woke up feeling like a voodoo doll, if the voodoo doll could feel each and every string that makes up it’s tiny, and near meaningless existence. But I SHOULD be better come Friday, which means Ask Pulse WILL be returning this week, if I get enough questions, BUT may be late.

SECONDLY!: I revised Samantha Gunner’s cover, tell me if ya like it. Or don’t, I didn’t care anyways, jerks.

As you can see, it’s changed just slightly with the title wording, and background. Black and white gradiants are sooooo 1995-1997

Concerning Sam furthermore: I have decided to increase the size of the book, and do it in full Greyscale. Why? Well, I was thinking of perhaps getting it published. Either that, or at least make it more…. MORE. Like, originally, it was supposed to lead on into another comic that I’ll do a few years from now. And just give a half-ass’d story in which had no real climactic ending. I disliked that, and decided having the book be longer, and more informative, as well as entertaining, would be great experience. So there ya go! Sam will be in greyscale and have probably more than one hundred pages, (which may make me put Lame Game on hold, for a wee bit.) and my back will be out of commish for two more days! Joyous!

Oh, also… During my pain-days, I’ve been working under the table with some selected people. A individual that will be working with me on a project, for the next months/years, depending on how this project turns out. This’ll be the only sort of information on said project, as we wanna keep it real hush hush, until it actually becomes reality.

Oh… Also…Uhh…. I was thinking of having Lame Game be a issue post, sorta deal. Like, Fyur Ball, and Lame Game come out as a package every few months. Rather than weekly. This’ll give me more time, and not having to struggle with making the posts (As my net isn’t the best, due to the people I live with.). Would you all agree with this? I personally love the idea of getting everything in one shot, it really just pisses me off to get into a comic, and have it so I have to wait another bloody week so I can find out the next half of the conversation. Like, C’MON.

Lame Game issue two, WILL start February as planned months in advance. So no need to worry about that, I was just meaning like, for future issues. Ya’know?



Hello, idiots, smart people, and people that think they’re smart (hidden idiots). Oh, and I SUPPOSE I should acknowledge the gentlemen, and ladies, being they DO make up 93.863% of my fanbase/friends.

How is everyone doing? That’s fantastic, lemme just cut to the chase, here kiddies. I’m coming out with a actual book, YES a actual. Fucking. Book.

“But Jessy, A actual. Fucking. Book?” Yes, my dear nameless being, a actual, fucking, book.

“What’s the name of such soon-to-be-physical-in-my-hands-book?” Well, I’ll show you the cover of said book. But you have to promise not to tell anyone else, it’s just for you. Ye- yes, yes you.

Aint it a beauty? That’s the first glimpse of Sam, anywhere (Besides a e-mail to a forbidden ghoul, but that was almost mandatory). So yeah! This is the cover of “Sam Gunner”, the story of- well- Sam Gunner! This will go through a special time in Samantha’s life, there might be mini-strips after the book is completely done, but that’s neither a here, nor a there.

HOW LONG WILL THE BOOK BE?!: Thanks for the question! The book will be quite small, it’ll be all comics, as I am a comic maker. Full colour, and all together, around forty-five pages, give or take some special goodies.

WILL IT BE ONLINE, FOR FREE, N’ STUFFS?: YES! But you’ll have to wait a bit longer, for that, rather than buying it physically. And here’s what I’ma do: Starting at the end of December, I’ll post a full chapter online, until the sixth chapter (There are seven chapters, the seventh one you don’t really need to know, to get the full experience. It’s just sorta like, you buy it, you get more goodies.).

WHEN WILL YOU BE SELLING IT ONLINE?: Geez, you ask a lot of questions, Sir. The book will be online to buy, around April. Give or take. I’ll be selling the first printed versions in person, at Toronto’s Wizard World comic convention. Along with a limited edition card, that comes with it.

I LIKE LIMITED EDITION THINGIES, WHAT BE IT?: Are you a orc? You have the grammar of one… The special limited edition card, will be the first chapter’s mint-condition heart-card. Said card will be very important to the story, and if not Sam alone, other of my stories. There will only be twenty-five of these cards printed, and will only be sold with the book. And for you computer people, with no teleporters, I’ll save five from Wizard World comic convention, so that when I put them up, online, a few of you guys can get said special card. It’s first come, first serve, boys, and girls.

Other news: I’ve launched a new site! Head on over through the link, and read Lame Game/Fyur Ball, from the very beginning: http://pulsivepanda.thecomicseries.com/comics/1/


Salutations! It’s time for another text review, from yours truly.

This time around, I’ll be reviewing the game S4 League. S4 stands for “Stylish eSper Shooting Sports”, a bit of a odd name, but whatever. ON TO THE REVIEW. Since it’s a mostly PvP-based game, I’ll be reviewing it on weapons, armor, and modes. Music, as well. Seeing how they put a LOT of effort into the music:

MAPS – I don’t think I got to play all of the maps, but that’s probably because some of them are very cheap, thus shunned. Such shunned maps, like Blockbuster. Blockbuster is a small map, in which is just perfect for melee-only matches. The tiles on the ground can be destroyed, and so it adds the fun, and difficulty. Although, if you have a melee/guns match…. It becomes a nightmare for EVERYONE.

Not all maps are like this, a lot of the maps are still fun. Even if you played them, say, one-hundred times, or so. They’re just so deliciously crafted, that you really have to give the makers of that map, a E-Highfive, or two.

PERKS – You can only have one perk at a time, be it a HP boost, a SP boost, or even flying. There are quite a few different perks, which make the PvP quite interesting. Say you forgot that you have the wing perk, and you go into a match with one person, and the map is a small one. The wing perk is utterly useless, so you just hope they don’t have a perk like the block perk, which… Allows them to block, for a bit. In such cases, you have to rely on pure skill with what ammo you have! Bad thing is, you forgot that you only use wings, to snipe, so you have the cannonade, and a nearly useless turret.

‘Dem wings, babe. ‘Dem wings

Perks add a new flavor to the game, and allows for more enjoyment. Good call, Alaplaya, good call.

SNIPER-BASED PLAYERS – I heard from a old player, that helped me with my review. That sniper-type guns were quite overpowered, I assumed they fixed that. So in the latest patch, it now takes two hits to kill you, not one. Well, one if you’re close range. IS THAT BALANCE? YOU DECIDE. (I personally, think it’s a step in the right direction.)

ASSAULT-BASED PLAYERS – Assault-type players are in heaven, in this game. There are so many different weapons to choose from, with different skins, and different…. Other things, I’m sure. The guns are pretty balanced, besides the sub-machine gun. That’s broken as hell, and a ton of players voice their opinion on the matter, as so. So there ya go Alaplaya, get to it, yeah?

What I am holding here, is said weapon. I’m such a hypocrite

SUPPORT-BASED PLAYERS – There is actually a medic gun! It works basically like the medic-class from TF2. I, myself haven’t gotten the chance to use one, because I’m not that kind of guy, but it DOES seem very fun.

STRATEGY-BASED PLAYERS – I loved when people played like this, they would put turrets in common places. But hard to get at, unless you had wings. Places that the turret could shoot from, and not have to worry about it being destroyed so easily. People that actually took the time to learn their surroundings, and used it to their advantage. There are not a whole lot, and it’s very easy to play as. You can use any sort of combination of guns/melee weapons for this, which is also a plus.

MUSIC – The music in this game, is the bomb-diggity. They wanted nice music to greet my ears, when I played this game, and they have done so, so nicely. What more can I say? I’ve never hated the background music in any of the maps.

Voice overs are quite nice, as well. Sometimes they sound a bit dumb, but all in all, it fits in pretty good.

GRAPHICS – As you can see, through the screenshots. They aren’t so bad, the filesize of the game is pretty nice. Smaller than most games, nowadays. 1.78 GBs with all of the patches. The game is focused on being cute, while still reminding you “KILL THEM, KILL THEM ALL! OFF WITH THEIR VIRTUAL HEADS, MWHAHAHAH!!!” Which gives me a better feeling, than say… World of Warcraft, with it’s feeling of “Alright…. Killed a giant dragon. Loot it’s corpse, damn, didn’t get my shoulders. Oh well, queue up, and lets waste another four hours.”

See? Fuckin’ adorable

OVERALL – The game is great, most of the things are balanced (Besides a few selected weapons), the community is nice (Besides a few selected people), there ARE hackers. I don’t understand why the GMs don’t do shit all, about them, but it feels like it’s a unloved game, by Alaplaya. And in my experience, Alaplaya’s best game, IS S4 League, so there you go, Alaplaya, get on it.

So out of ten?: Oh… I’d say… Give or take, eight. It was a very good game, the modes were fantastic. The PvP is good, other than a few people that lag. And overall, I HIGHLY suggest giving it a try. If you’re in the market for a good game.

REVIEW: Dragon Nest – NEXON

안녕하세요! That is Korean, for those of you whom do not know this. The reason I use that language, is because today I will be writing my personal review, on the game known as “Dragon Nest.” Dragon Nest, is made by Nexon. Nexon is a Korean-based company that makes tons of games, games of which most of you have probably played, such as Vindictus, Sudden Attack, and it’s most successful game, Maple Story. Nexon to me, is the plague itself. Nexon has a bad past, of one-sided PvP, abuse of micro-transactions, and over-the-top graphics to compensate for it’s shitty gameplay.

Today I will set my hate for Nexon behind me, for purposes of giving a proper review. What do I review a game on, you say? I base it on:

FIRST IMPRESSIONS – What I notice first, things that fall under this. Is installation, launching, any technical difficulties, and up until the tutorial is finished.

GAMEPLAY – Pretty straight forward, here. How the game plays out, things that fall under this, are controls, fighting, skills, and communicating with other players.

PvE – Stands for “Person vs. Environment” basically meaning things like dungeons, monsters, and things that aren’t player characters.

PvP – Stands for “Person vs. Person” my favorite, this means it is purely player characters, against other player characters, in a fight to the death.

BALANCE OF CLASSES – How the different classes differ, what most people play. And which is the most over powered.

PERSONAL ‘ICKS’, AND FINAL THOUGHTS ON THE GAME – The end of my rant, and what I found most aggravating about said game.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: After a few videos, on how the game looks. While waiting on the not-so hefty file to download, I seemed intrigued. After it did download, it was all easy. The installation is pretty straight forward, and everything just seems really sleek. Once the installation was completed, I was so hyped to get into the game. I clicked on the little shortcut it gave me, to start the game. It opened up a new tab, and brang me back to the Nexon page for Dragon Nest. After thinking to myself “Well, alright…” I click the big purple button that says “PLAY”, I do so. It prompts me to download it yet again.

After a half an hour, going through the FAQs, and forums. I decided to just take a method that I use for ALL Nexon games, go to the actual file, find the launcher, and launch it myself. I do so, and works fine. C’mon now, Nexon. I shouldn’t have to do this, put your launcher as a shortcut, on my desktop for me. Like normal games do.

In the game, the tutorial is pretty nice. It weaves in story, and learning, like any good school does. But this aint no private school, this is a game. I, personally, just want to get down to the nitty gritty, in your face-see? I do admit, the story wasn’t bad, the cutscenes at the end of each dungeon seemed pretty rewarding. Good call, Nexon. Good call.


GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is very generic, it uses the W,A,S,D, to get around. Space bar, to jump. 1,2,3,4,est, to use skills. But it also uses the mouse to normal attack, and special attack. I played as a Cleric, which is like a healer, but they only heal themselves. Like little ninjas, they are all up in your grill. Looking cool, taking names, chewing bubblegum, all the metaphorical shit.

                                                                                              Like that? Modeled after a certain albino cartoon-character.


The fighting can become VERY disorienting, you control the way your character fights with the mouse. While clicking like a banshee, and because your character is slow as a turd sliding down a iceberg in December during the ice-age, you become very fed up with PvP, very fast. On the plus side, the skills look nice!

PvE: I actually find that PvE, was the best quality of this game. Nexon always makes their monster fighting feel rewarding, even if you get scraps of nothing from destroying a whole army of goblins. They have a real neat feature to PvE, it’s call “ACTUALLY LETTING ME PICK THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF ASS, I’D LIKE TO KICK.” They have easy mode, right up the Abyss mode. So say that play you used to grind at when you were Lv. 4? On abyss, it’ll make you cry. Blood. From another person.

PvP: Needless to say, I have a LOT to talk about, here. So if you hate hearing people complain about balance, skip this review after these words. You can only go into PvP, after Lv. 10, which is good! Because if you weren’t, you’d probably set your computer on fire, while chanting “THE POWER OF CHRIST ISN’T HELPING!”, over, and over. ‘Cos it’s THAT hard, well. That hard if you go into anything bigger than 2v2. I found that small games, such as 2v2, and 1v1, were very enjoyable! It let me have some space, enjoy the fight, and give me a chance against the other, higher level person. It actually felt balanced, that I could kill a max level, and only be Lv. 10, it made me feel good.

But anything higher than that…. They have matches that are 8v8, which if you cannot do simple math. Is sixteen people, SIXTEEN people going at each other with fire in their eyes. It’s scary when you think about it, because they either have the ability to turn air, into fire, or the power to drag giant crosses from the sky, and just plain ol’ ruin your day. I found myself in a few of these games, and often found myself being juggled by two or so Swordsmen classes. Yes, yes you read that correct. I was JUGGLED. Once they had me in the air, I could not get out of the air, I could not get back up, I could not use any skills. I was the epitome of a volleyball, it was sad, and very infuriating.

With them looking like something out of a “Kingdom Hearts” cosplay, doesn’t make me feel any better.

BALANCE OF CLASSES: Cleric is pretty damn good at PvE, and the most fun for PvE. For low level PvP, it’s near GOD-LIKE. Anything after that, forgot about it, might as well chop that little wang off, and feed it to the Acrobat-class. There are two other classes you can become, after your character reaches Lv. 15, I sadly, have not been able to reach that level. But from my experience, it really doesn’t change you in any way. It just gives you more useless skills, and makes you stronger than any character that isn’t Lv. 15 or above.

I found Swordsmen-classes were the bomb diggity in PvP, although I haven’t place as one. They run the fastest, have higher priority over most skills, can juggle you to the point of having the person being juggled to rip out their eyes, and call themselves Davy Jones. Mage-classes can blink around, very WoW-like. Makes slow classes rage, but other than that, they’re just meatbags that dance around. Archers/Acrobats are very fast, and one of the biggest piss-offs of the game! They mystify you with their ways of getting the hell out of your face, just to troll you by dealing heavy damage from afar.

The balance is broken, much like the force. And I plea to Nexon, fix your games, stop dicking around with such things.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, up until I started to play high-number PvP, it was absolutely fun. The story isn’t the best, didn’t hold me like most games do. The graphics weren’t the best, the PvE is perfect, don’t change that. The game is quite new, and is farmed/spammed with gold-sellers, they aren’t dealt with, it’s like they don’t even care about the game.

The game needs a lot of work, I personally, think they should worry less about how much money they make off the game. And worry more on how good is the game ITSELF. And work on what they have, instead of just adding more crap. Nexon has a bad history of doing this, and I hope they snap out of their little dream world. Some of their games could do VERY well, like Maple Story, if they just cut the crap.



If you liked this review, and have a free-to-play game that you’d like to be reviewed. E-mail me, at PulsivePanda@live.ca

Ask Pulse!

How’s everyone doing, fine? WELL THAT’S FANTASTICO! ‘Cos I’m not the greatest.

– One of my kitty’s tail broke, so thus, is now dead. And it is highly encouraged that it is to be cut off, or else it could die.

– Look in at comic strip below.

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So you heard it here, folks. Pulse, my assistant will be answering your questions. Every Friday! And that can be ANY question, ALL questions. Anything from say, the meaning of life, to where your pen went. All will be answered, through the limited knowledge of my Angel Droppling friend (She is just a bit mis-guided, don’t be mean to her.). I put her in charge because I know, while I’m gone treating my goat feet. That she will do a great job! She gets my pencils when they fall, I’m SURE she can do this right.

So if you have a question that needs answering, the email is Ask_Pulse@hotmail.com and don’t worry. She knows how to use a computer (Just don’t look at her “My pictures” folder, some very, very wrong things in there. Ugghhh…)