Some guidance

Salutations, and all of that other nonsense. Just making a quick post to update on some things, and get some feedback on other things.

Update/question: The way things are going with LG:r’s writing are needless to say very slow. So slow I haven’t even began sketching pages! But I do have other stories pre-written, these are lore-based stories that go over the creation of Freya according to one of the four tribes, or the beings known as the “Yakori.” Either way, this year they’ll both be done, but I was wondering (and here’s where the feedback bit comes in): Should I do one of these pre-written stories, whilst working on LG:r?

Get in contact whichever way you want, via Twitter (@PulsivePanda), or an email to my assistant at, I suggest Twitter because it goes directly to me. But whatever you have, I s’pos. I’d advise not commenting on this post, as I rarely check these comments (as most of ’em are spam). Anywho, a simply “yes” to doing the pre-written story, or “no”, would help me here quite a bit. Hell, if you want to go a step further, you could also add on which of the two stories you’d like to read. That, too would help me a lot.

LG:r will come, but at the moment it’s looking like it’ll be a huge first issue. I’d just like to get my arse in gear, and do something, whilst being productive to Freya.


Update: If you’re going to Anime North, I’ll be there on Sunday. I’ll be the guy with the cane, and the trenchcoat. Oh– and massive amounts of tentacles slithering from under said trenchcoat. Say “hi!”, say “bye!” If you do say “bye!” you might obtain one +10 Cane of Smiting [4], to the groin area.



Lame Game goes offline for now

Hi hi, everyone. I think it’d be not only professional (because apparently I’m THAT now), but also fair to people that keep tabs on me to update them on what’s been going down lately.

Lame Game in it’s current state has been scrapped.

As much as it pains me to do this, the way LG was going was just too over the place. I kept saying “when it’s done I’ll just revise it.” But I only have so much time to dwell on one story, LG is only meant to be a small part of a small era in Freya. And as such, I can’t spend ten years after it’s done still revising it. I just can’t. As a storyteller it’d be awesome, but as a world-builder (and so to be builder of other worlds), I simply don’t have the time to do that.

Lame Game will be coming back, but instead of weekly posts, I’ve decided to post ’em in issues as Lame Game: Redux because I’m the master of titles, obviously. LGr will pick up the story I NEED to tell, so that other stories based around it can be introduced. Introduced so that this era, the “Fall of the Dakri”, can finish and so that I can move onto another era/story that happens in Freya. These stories need to happen so that future stories can happen, so that future stories can happen…. I’m treating Freya like Earth’s history, there are things that happened that allowed this to happen, which lead to the creation of this, that started the era of that. Except I’m doing it at different times, with different tribes, that believed in different things.

Anywho, when will LGr’s first issue be done? I’d love to say the end of the month, but I can’t at all make that promise. There are so many things going on, and so many things I need to fund, that I honestly can’t be sure. All I can really say is if not at the end of the month, then near the middle of June.


I want to get LG done right, I want to build Freya up the best I possibly can. I want to help other people build up their worlds as well, but that’s another topic completely.

EROSGAIA – Why it never happened

‘Ello chaps, and chappettes!

The reason this post is even here, is because I want to go over something that’s been chewing on my knee for quite some time now: “Why I only did one page of Erosgaia, then pretty much said ‘Eff it’.”

So WHY did I just stop Erosgaia, when it’s introduction wasn’t even completed? Well the answer isn’t exactly all that simple, to be honest. It wasn’t a matter of just not having the time, what with me having to finish up Fyur Ball/Lame Game issue one. Or was it that Samantha Gunner needed to be started. Those certainly factored into why it didn’t happen, but there was something else…

I just felt it was too serious for me.

To support this, let me go over the story, and characters.

Eros Gaia.

Age: ??

Sex: Male

Species: Demi-God

Behold, my half-ass’d attempt at streets.

Originally, a statue on top of a tower owned by a long generation of Gunners. (Yes, THOSE Gunners) Becomes a actual person, when Lisa Gunner, takes her anger out on the statue, after a depressing week of being chased by the Dakri military because of her bloodline. As she watches the statue she used to tell all of her stories to, when she was younger, crumble before her eyes due to her own rage. The rock turns to black goo, morphs into one puddle, and shifts into a human-like figure. Eros Gaia is all he can remember, and thus is named that by her. The adventures they have afterwards involves teaching Eros about modern life, as he slowly regains his memories, which, sometimes can be thousands of years old. This was supposed to be my poor attempt at a humorous love story, as they would grow slowly together.

Lisa Gunner.

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Species: Guhn’har

Look at all them triangles!

Born, and raised as a Gunner. Lisa learned all of the rules of her blood, and obeyed them as such. Often depressed that she couldn’t keep a boyfriend very long, due to the rules of her family. She goes out on a rampage, and is then chased by the Dakri military for a whole week. When she arrives back at the Gunner tower, to lay low. She watches the city, whilst tending to her wounds. Inside she thinks of everything that’s wrong with her bloodline’s rules, the military, the four tribes, everything. She unleashes her anger on the statue beside her. Thus giving birth to Eros Gaia. Lisa tries to kill Eros many times, but because of his species, he cannot be killed unless he wishes it.

This comic idea would have basically no end, as Eros cannot die. And Lisa has so much to teach, this was going to be somewhat of a gag-strip-a-day comic. I did not do it, because:

1 – I am not funny.

2 – It does not fit in, with the Gunner story: Because of this, and the fact that in Freya, there is no such thing as a Gunner tower. Nor is there any sort of Demi-God, this just didn’t fit in. Also, after Samantha’s story, this wouldn’t fit in AT ALL. (Not giving spoilers)

3 – Way too serious: Like, just look at it. A mortal that falls in love with a person that can’t die. Not only is that far too “Twilight-esque” for me to touch with a ten foot pole, but that’s way too depressing for me to write jokes for. That, and I doubt I’d want to continue the story anyways, once I get a few pages in.

4 – Morals weren’t in the right place: I base each story off of a moral, and build around it. Eros is the god of love (Citation needed), Gaia means Earth. Basically, the title means “Love Earth”, this would make it so the story would be based off a giant-ass metaphor. Not exactly anything to learn from, just, something you should know by now. Love Earth.

Either way, Erosgaia will not happen. I don’t think it’ll ever happen, I’d love for someone to pick it up as their own. But I don’t see very much potential in it, it’s just way too serious, and that alone would destroy the concept of it being funny.

WELP, that’s it. Now I can go back to working on Samantha Gunner, and not worry about this devil trying to guide me into doing this horrible, horrible idea. (Also, did you notice Lisa is wearing Samantha’s jacket? Lil’ easteregg for ya)

Pulse is in your twitterz answering your inquiries

Seems last blog post, I forgot to fondle- I mean. Touch, on some matters…

Zeek, and POD‘s twitter profiles will NOT be updated: I found it was very un-canon to have the two have twitter, what with it could not only exploiting future plot points. But it also doesn’t make a lick of sense, having her have tweetdeck, but not a whole mess of technical doo-dads. So unfollow them, or else.

Pulse, has signed up, for twitter: YES, she has! You can find her twitter profile at –!/PulsivePulse She will answer your questions there, if you don’t want a Ask Pulse page after you. Or you can just chat with her! She’s a swell gal, I’m sure you’ll get along beautifully.

You can ALSO look on MY twitter, for Pulse’s twitter background, here if you like it, and want it as a desktop background.

That is all.



Hell-OH, everyone. It’s great to be back, after the slight holiday, although I cannot lie that it was hell, so I probably shouldn’t be calling it a holiday.

I’m SURE you have some burning questions as to where I went, who I saw, or any other stalker-esque questions. I can answer ALL of those, but I probably won’t!


FIRST THING IS FIRST: I was gone, because of some family issues. I wish I could have avoided said issues, but I feel I was thrusted into them.

SE-CON-DLAH: Samantha Gunner will NOT be posted as a chapter each month, I have changed my mind on this, because I was thinking of getting it published. I’m not sure who in their right mind would publish my pieces of crap, but it’s certainly worth the gamble!

THIRDLY: Lame Game pg. 21 DID post when it was supposed to, so if you missed that, why aren’t you clicking this giant link?

Lastly, I quickly cut Erosgaia off of the site. Why? I am stressed, I have to do Samantha Gunner, while dealing with tons of shit. Why would I start a new comic that doesn’t fit in line with anything my other comics are going to build up into? It also got HORRIBLE ratings, and I felt it came off very strong, way too strong even for me. So I cut it out, and dropped it.

Here’s the updated cover, that is obligatory to each blog post, lately:

What I’ve changed it in mostly the face, as in lighting, and that stuffs.

Updates from beyond the back pain!

Hello, Sirs, and Madams that are frequent to my near-weekly blog posts! If you’re new, why not read the ones before this? They’re not plentiful, but they speak HEAPS about myself.

So, why the hell am I making THIS post? Just a update, on some things. Some very important, some very unimportant, which do add up to become a important factor in the big ol’ scheme of things.

First things first: Why have I not been drawing very much? Well, on Saturday I decided sleeping on a couch was a better idea, than my bed. I woke up feeling like a voodoo doll, if the voodoo doll could feel each and every string that makes up it’s tiny, and near meaningless existence. But I SHOULD be better come Friday, which means Ask Pulse WILL be returning this week, if I get enough questions, BUT may be late.

SECONDLY!: I revised Samantha Gunner’s cover, tell me if ya like it. Or don’t, I didn’t care anyways, jerks.

As you can see, it’s changed just slightly with the title wording, and background. Black and white gradiants are sooooo 1995-1997

Concerning Sam furthermore: I have decided to increase the size of the book, and do it in full Greyscale. Why? Well, I was thinking of perhaps getting it published. Either that, or at least make it more…. MORE. Like, originally, it was supposed to lead on into another comic that I’ll do a few years from now. And just give a half-ass’d story in which had no real climactic ending. I disliked that, and decided having the book be longer, and more informative, as well as entertaining, would be great experience. So there ya go! Sam will be in greyscale and have probably more than one hundred pages, (which may make me put Lame Game on hold, for a wee bit.) and my back will be out of commish for two more days! Joyous!

Oh, also… During my pain-days, I’ve been working under the table with some selected people. A individual that will be working with me on a project, for the next months/years, depending on how this project turns out. This’ll be the only sort of information on said project, as we wanna keep it real hush hush, until it actually becomes reality.

Oh… Also…Uhh…. I was thinking of having Lame Game be a issue post, sorta deal. Like, Fyur Ball, and Lame Game come out as a package every few months. Rather than weekly. This’ll give me more time, and not having to struggle with making the posts (As my net isn’t the best, due to the people I live with.). Would you all agree with this? I personally love the idea of getting everything in one shot, it really just pisses me off to get into a comic, and have it so I have to wait another bloody week so I can find out the next half of the conversation. Like, C’MON.

Lame Game issue two, WILL start February as planned months in advance. So no need to worry about that, I was just meaning like, for future issues. Ya’know?



Hello, idiots, smart people, and people that think they’re smart (hidden idiots). Oh, and I SUPPOSE I should acknowledge the gentlemen, and ladies, being they DO make up 93.863% of my fanbase/friends.

How is everyone doing? That’s fantastic, lemme just cut to the chase, here kiddies. I’m coming out with a actual book, YES a actual. Fucking. Book.

“But Jessy, A actual. Fucking. Book?” Yes, my dear nameless being, a actual, fucking, book.

“What’s the name of such soon-to-be-physical-in-my-hands-book?” Well, I’ll show you the cover of said book. But you have to promise not to tell anyone else, it’s just for you. Ye- yes, yes you.

Aint it a beauty? That’s the first glimpse of Sam, anywhere (Besides a e-mail to a forbidden ghoul, but that was almost mandatory). So yeah! This is the cover of “Sam Gunner”, the story of- well- Sam Gunner! This will go through a special time in Samantha’s life, there might be mini-strips after the book is completely done, but that’s neither a here, nor a there.

HOW LONG WILL THE BOOK BE?!: Thanks for the question! The book will be quite small, it’ll be all comics, as I am a comic maker. Full colour, and all together, around forty-five pages, give or take some special goodies.

WILL IT BE ONLINE, FOR FREE, N’ STUFFS?: YES! But you’ll have to wait a bit longer, for that, rather than buying it physically. And here’s what I’ma do: Starting at the end of December, I’ll post a full chapter online, until the sixth chapter (There are seven chapters, the seventh one you don’t really need to know, to get the full experience. It’s just sorta like, you buy it, you get more goodies.).

WHEN WILL YOU BE SELLING IT ONLINE?: Geez, you ask a lot of questions, Sir. The book will be online to buy, around April. Give or take. I’ll be selling the first printed versions in person, at Toronto’s Wizard World comic convention. Along with a limited edition card, that comes with it.

I LIKE LIMITED EDITION THINGIES, WHAT BE IT?: Are you a orc? You have the grammar of one… The special limited edition card, will be the first chapter’s mint-condition heart-card. Said card will be very important to the story, and if not Sam alone, other of my stories. There will only be twenty-five of these cards printed, and will only be sold with the book. And for you computer people, with no teleporters, I’ll save five from Wizard World comic convention, so that when I put them up, online, a few of you guys can get said special card. It’s first come, first serve, boys, and girls.

Other news: I’ve launched a new site! Head on over through the link, and read Lame Game/Fyur Ball, from the very beginning: