Fyur Ball will not be posted with issue two

From the title of this post, and if you follow me on twitter. You can pretty much get what this is about, Fyur Ball, the comic that was coupled with Lame Game’s first issue. Will be dropped, in issue two.

I thought about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Fyur Ball doesn’t fit with a lot of people. Not everyone knows what’s going on, as I tried to fit five pages of FB into the first issue, and had to wrap it up as best I could so people don’t flip a shit when I went on break. The story was rushed. If you also read my other posts, you’ll know I’m not a fan of rushing. That’s why I tried to remake a few pages of LG #1, and that’s why I added page ZERO, to the original issue as a prequel. To cover my flaws with the story.

Back on topic: Fyur Ball will be put on hold, until, and this is just a guess. After LG issue #3, because 2, and 3 are joint, and it’d be a dick-move to take a break between them. So Fyur Ball will return as a COMPLETED story, a mini-story consisting of 25 pages that show the adventure of Phillip unleash the powers that come with being apart of a certain blood.


If you seen the post I did earlier, for the LG #2 cover, you’ll have known that I was dropping FB for a while. This just gives some reasons why.

Thanks for reading, and LG #2’s first page will be posted on Tuesday, enjoy!


The Dakri Capital

The Dakri are a sub-race in the world of Freya, they are a cross from tribe Dak, or “The Hunters“. And the Ri, or “Beings of Advancement.”

The origins of these people started when the Ri grew a hunger for becoming gods, so they set up a giant craft to fly across Freya to look for life, and destroy it. They happened upon a tiny island of people with the knowledge on how to kill any being with ease, the Ri shortly found this out. During a very quick war that lasted a few minutes (…Really), a blonde adventurer happened upon the battlefield, brought a mirror from her satchel to the commanders of each race. They were both confused by the technology, the Dak commander thirsting to use it for power, the Ri overlord thirsting to research it. The blonde adventurer made a deal with them; stop their war, and get along as one race. They accepted.

The Ri were utterly disgusted by the filth the savage Dak lived in, the forest they called “Kuurhak“. So they made another deal, if they were to be one race, and treated as equals, they’d have to live on the craft in which the Ri came on. They also agreed.

Although… Not all of the Ri, nor the Dak accepted this insult. Some banded together, and created weapons to destroy the craft. Using the Dak’s knowledge of weapons, and the Ri’s advanced knowledge of technology, they created weapons ahead of their time. Anything from a gun that can shoot mechanical Zhloms that go specifically for the eyes, to hover boards with rocket-propelled blades, they were the cornerstone of weaponry. Until the newly formed Dakri set up the “D.G. Specialists” Program, which not only built the walls around the craft, they built the A.T.P.O.C.U.E. (Anti-Terrorist Pulsating Optimal Cannons. Ultimate Edition) “At Pocue” because “Pocue” was the name they gave the rebels, so this was kinda of a big middle finger to them. And they’d see this middle finger everywhere they went, because if they went near the craft (Which, took up around 70% or so of the island) they’d be blasted like the faulty Zhloms they tried to fire at them!

The Pocue traveled underground, where they waited, and continue to wait now.

The Dakri, now satisfied with this victory, set up a proper government. But never named the craft, citizens called it “Kuurhak”, because it meant “home” in Dak.

The craft stays afloat even now, as the Ri have crystals that never run out of energy (As they say, but the truth is, they have so much energy that it’s not at all noticeable.) These crystals are now lost, as is the Ri homeland, as when they left, they left everything there but a few of their prisoners. The A.T.P.O.C.U.E.‘s that are around the perimeter of the craft are now mostly nonfunctional, as they were never tended to after the Pocue went underground, leaving them utterly defenseless.

The city in modern times, now are corrupted. Crime is dealt with in a way inhuman, in arenas. The Dakri government pits it’s law-breakers against each other in brawls to the death, no matter what the crime was whilst selling tickets under corporations and promoting against it while obviously funding it due to the arena being allowed to use Ri technology, and traditional engravings that signify justice, peace, and goodwill. Which is ironic, to say the least. The arena is held in the middle of the city, next to the central dome, the heart of Kuurhak.

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Queen of Hearts

Hell-OH everybody, how was your December? Words cannot describe the level of awesome mine was, what with me getting all of the pages of Lame Game done, wrote more of the plot for Samantha Gunner, and even remade the cover! Would you like to see said cover? OF COURSE YOU DO! That’s what this whole post is about, the unveiling of that cover, and that cover alone.

Now, this cover will not be replaced at ALL. Nor will it be tinkered with (Aside from the title-text), whatcha see now, is what will be, forever.

Prepare your anus….

….Is it prepared?…

….It better be….

Taa daah

Well there ya have it! The new, and final version of Samantha Gunner’s cover. How do ya like it? Could it have been better? Tweet me some feedback! I love feedback, shows me exactly HOW I fucked up. And WHY I fucked up. ALSO: I sent two of these covers as prints to certain people, given the mail-people are slow as a turd dipped in molasses sliding down a iceberg, I don’t think they got theirs yet. It’s just some of the perks, of being on my good-side.

Merry Christmas!

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