Lame Game goes offline for now

Hi hi, everyone. I think it’d be not only professional (because apparently I’m THAT now), but also fair to people that keep tabs on me to update them on what’s been going down lately.

Lame Game in it’s current state has been scrapped.

As much as it pains me to do this, the way LG was going was just too over the place. I kept saying “when it’s done I’ll just revise it.” But I only have so much time to dwell on one story, LG is only meant to be a small part of a small era in Freya. And as such, I can’t spend ten years after it’s done still revising it. I just can’t. As a storyteller it’d be awesome, but as a world-builder (and so to be builder of other worlds), I simply don’t have the time to do that.

Lame Game will be coming back, but instead of weekly posts, I’ve decided to post ’em in issues as Lame Game: Redux because I’m the master of titles, obviously. LGr will pick up the story I NEED to tell, so that other stories based around it can be introduced. Introduced so that this era, the “Fall of the Dakri”, can finish and so that I can move onto another era/story that happens in Freya. These stories need to happen so that future stories can happen, so that future stories can happen…. I’m treating Freya like Earth’s history, there are things that happened that allowed this to happen, which lead to the creation of this, that started the era of that. Except I’m doing it at different times, with different tribes, that believed in different things.

Anywho, when will LGr’s first issue be done? I’d love to say the end of the month, but I can’t at all make that promise. There are so many things going on, and so many things I need to fund, that I honestly can’t be sure. All I can really say is if not at the end of the month, then near the middle of June.


I want to get LG done right, I want to build Freya up the best I possibly can. I want to help other people build up their worlds as well, but that’s another topic completely.


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