Fyur Ball will not be posted with issue two

From the title of this post, and if you follow me on twitter. You can pretty much get what this is about, Fyur Ball, the comic that was coupled with Lame Game’s first issue. Will be dropped, in issue two.

I thought about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Fyur Ball doesn’t fit with a lot of people. Not everyone knows what’s going on, as I tried to fit five pages of FB into the first issue, and had to wrap it up as best I could so people don’t flip a shit when I went on break. The story was rushed. If you also read my other posts, you’ll know I’m not a fan of rushing. That’s why I tried to remake a few pages of LG #1, and that’s why I added page ZERO, to the original issue as a prequel. To cover my flaws with the story.

Back on topic: Fyur Ball will be put on hold, until, and this is just a guess. After LG issue #3, because 2, and 3 are joint, and it’d be a dick-move to take a break between them. So Fyur Ball will return as a COMPLETED story, a mini-story consisting of 25 pages that show the adventure of Phillip unleash the powers that come with being apart of a certain blood.


If you seen the post I did earlier, for the LG #2 cover, you’ll have known that I was dropping FB for a while. This just gives some reasons why.

Thanks for reading, and LG #2’s first page will be posted on Tuesday, enjoy!