The Dakri Capital

The Dakri are a sub-race in the world of Freya, they are a cross from tribe Dak, or “The Hunters“. And the Ri, or “Beings of Advancement.”

The origins of these people started when the Ri grew a hunger for becoming gods, so they set up a giant craft to fly across Freya to look for life, and destroy it. They happened upon a tiny island of people with the knowledge on how to kill any being with ease, the Ri shortly found this out. During a very quick war that lasted a few minutes (…Really), a blonde adventurer happened upon the battlefield, brought a mirror from her satchel to the commanders of each race. They were both confused by the technology, the Dak commander thirsting to use it for power, the Ri overlord thirsting to research it. The blonde adventurer made a deal with them; stop their war, and get along as one race. They accepted.

The Ri were utterly disgusted by the filth the savage Dak lived in, the forest they called “Kuurhak“. So they made another deal, if they were to be one race, and treated as equals, they’d have to live on the craft in which the Ri came on. They also agreed.

Although… Not all of the Ri, nor the Dak accepted this insult. Some banded together, and created weapons to destroy the craft. Using the Dak’s knowledge of weapons, and the Ri’s advanced knowledge of technology, they created weapons ahead of their time. Anything from a gun that can shoot mechanical Zhloms that go specifically for the eyes, to hover boards with rocket-propelled blades, they were the cornerstone of weaponry. Until the newly formed Dakri set up the “D.G. Specialists” Program, which not only built the walls around the craft, they built the A.T.P.O.C.U.E. (Anti-Terrorist Pulsating Optimal Cannons. Ultimate Edition) “At Pocue” because “Pocue” was the name they gave the rebels, so this was kinda of a big middle finger to them. And they’d see this middle finger everywhere they went, because if they went near the craft (Which, took up around 70% or so of the island) they’d be blasted like the faulty Zhloms they tried to fire at them!

The Pocue traveled underground, where they waited, and continue to wait now.

The Dakri, now satisfied with this victory, set up a proper government. But never named the craft, citizens called it “Kuurhak”, because it meant “home” in Dak.

The craft stays afloat even now, as the Ri have crystals that never run out of energy (As they say, but the truth is, they have so much energy that it’s not at all noticeable.) These crystals are now lost, as is the Ri homeland, as when they left, they left everything there but a few of their prisoners. The A.T.P.O.C.U.E.‘s that are around the perimeter of the craft are now mostly nonfunctional, as they were never tended to after the Pocue went underground, leaving them utterly defenseless.

The city in modern times, now are corrupted. Crime is dealt with in a way inhuman, in arenas. The Dakri government pits it’s law-breakers against each other in brawls to the death, no matter what the crime was whilst selling tickets under corporations and promoting against it while obviously funding it due to the arena being allowed to use Ri technology, and traditional engravings that signify justice, peace, and goodwill. Which is ironic, to say the least. The arena is held in the middle of the city, next to the central dome, the heart of Kuurhak.

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EROSGAIA – Why it never happened

‘Ello chaps, and chappettes!

The reason this post is even here, is because I want to go over something that’s been chewing on my knee for quite some time now: “Why I only did one page of Erosgaia, then pretty much said ‘Eff it’.”

So WHY did I just stop Erosgaia, when it’s introduction wasn’t even completed? Well the answer isn’t exactly all that simple, to be honest. It wasn’t a matter of just not having the time, what with me having to finish up Fyur Ball/Lame Game issue one. Or was it that Samantha Gunner needed to be started. Those certainly factored into why it didn’t happen, but there was something else…

I just felt it was too serious for me.

To support this, let me go over the story, and characters.

Eros Gaia.

Age: ??

Sex: Male

Species: Demi-God

Behold, my half-ass’d attempt at streets.

Originally, a statue on top of a tower owned by a long generation of Gunners. (Yes, THOSE Gunners) Becomes a actual person, when Lisa Gunner, takes her anger out on the statue, after a depressing week of being chased by the Dakri military because of her bloodline. As she watches the statue she used to tell all of her stories to, when she was younger, crumble before her eyes due to her own rage. The rock turns to black goo, morphs into one puddle, and shifts into a human-like figure. Eros Gaia is all he can remember, and thus is named that by her. The adventures they have afterwards involves teaching Eros about modern life, as he slowly regains his memories, which, sometimes can be thousands of years old. This was supposed to be my poor attempt at a humorous love story, as they would grow slowly together.

Lisa Gunner.

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Species: Guhn’har

Look at all them triangles!

Born, and raised as a Gunner. Lisa learned all of the rules of her blood, and obeyed them as such. Often depressed that she couldn’t keep a boyfriend very long, due to the rules of her family. She goes out on a rampage, and is then chased by the Dakri military for a whole week. When she arrives back at the Gunner tower, to lay low. She watches the city, whilst tending to her wounds. Inside she thinks of everything that’s wrong with her bloodline’s rules, the military, the four tribes, everything. She unleashes her anger on the statue beside her. Thus giving birth to Eros Gaia. Lisa tries to kill Eros many times, but because of his species, he cannot be killed unless he wishes it.

This comic idea would have basically no end, as Eros cannot die. And Lisa has so much to teach, this was going to be somewhat of a gag-strip-a-day comic. I did not do it, because:

1 – I am not funny.

2 – It does not fit in, with the Gunner story: Because of this, and the fact that in Freya, there is no such thing as a Gunner tower. Nor is there any sort of Demi-God, this just didn’t fit in. Also, after Samantha’s story, this wouldn’t fit in AT ALL. (Not giving spoilers)

3 – Way too serious: Like, just look at it. A mortal that falls in love with a person that can’t die. Not only is that far too “Twilight-esque” for me to touch with a ten foot pole, but that’s way too depressing for me to write jokes for. That, and I doubt I’d want to continue the story anyways, once I get a few pages in.

4 – Morals weren’t in the right place: I base each story off of a moral, and build around it. Eros is the god of love (Citation needed), Gaia means Earth. Basically, the title means “Love Earth”, this would make it so the story would be based off a giant-ass metaphor. Not exactly anything to learn from, just, something you should know by now. Love Earth.

Either way, Erosgaia will not happen. I don’t think it’ll ever happen, I’d love for someone to pick it up as their own. But I don’t see very much potential in it, it’s just way too serious, and that alone would destroy the concept of it being funny.

WELP, that’s it. Now I can go back to working on Samantha Gunner, and not worry about this devil trying to guide me into doing this horrible, horrible idea. (Also, did you notice Lisa is wearing Samantha’s jacket? Lil’ easteregg for ya)