Queen of Hearts

Hell-OH everybody, how was your December? Words cannot describe the level of awesome mine was, what with me getting all of the pages of Lame Game done, wrote more of the plot for Samantha Gunner, and even remade the cover! Would you like to see said cover? OF COURSE YOU DO! That’s what this whole post is about, the unveiling of that cover, and that cover alone.

Now, this cover will not be replaced at ALL. Nor will it be tinkered with (Aside from the title-text), whatcha see now, is what will be, forever.

Prepare your anus….

….Is it prepared?…

….It better be….

Taa daah

Well there ya have it! The new, and final version of Samantha Gunner’s cover. How do ya like it? Could it have been better? Tweet me some feedback! I love feedback, shows me exactly HOW I fucked up. And WHY I fucked up. ALSO: I sent two of these covers as prints to certain people, given the mail-people are slow as a turd dipped in molasses sliding down a iceberg, I don’t think they got theirs yet. It’s just some of the perks, of being on my good-side.

Merry Christmas!

In case you missed it, Ask Pulse is back! Send her your questions at Ask_Pulse@hotmail.com


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