Pulse is in your twitterz answering your inquiries

Seems last blog post, I forgot to fondle- I mean. Touch, on some matters…

Zeek, and POD‘s twitter profiles will NOT be updated: I found it was very un-canon to have the two have twitter, what with it could not only exploiting future plot points. But it also doesn’t make a lick of sense, having her have tweetdeck, but not a whole mess of technical doo-dads. So unfollow them, or else.

Pulse, has signed up, for twitter: YES, she has! You can find her twitter profile at – https://twitter.com/#!/PulsivePulse She will answer your questions there, if you don’t want a Ask Pulse page after you. Or you can just chat with her! She’s a swell gal, I’m sure you’ll get along beautifully.

You can ALSO look on MY twitter, for Pulse’s twitter background, here if you like it, and want it as a desktop background.

That is all.



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