Hell-OH, everyone. It’s great to be back, after the slight holiday, although I cannot lie that it was hell, so I probably shouldn’t be calling it a holiday.

I’m SURE you have some burning questions as to where I went, who I saw, or any other stalker-esque questions. I can answer ALL of those, but I probably won’t!


FIRST THING IS FIRST: I was gone, because of some family issues. I wish I could have avoided said issues, but I feel I was thrusted into them.

SE-CON-DLAH: Samantha Gunner will NOT be posted as a chapter each month, I have changed my mind on this, because I was thinking of getting it published. I’m not sure who in their right mind would publish my pieces of crap, but it’s certainly worth the gamble!

THIRDLY: Lame Game pg. 21 DID post when it was supposed to, so if you missed that, why aren’t you clicking this giant link?

Lastly, I quickly cut Erosgaia off of the site. Why? I am stressed, I have to do Samantha Gunner, while dealing with tons of shit. Why would I start a new comic that doesn’t fit in line with anything my other comics are going to build up into? It also got HORRIBLE ratings, and I felt it came off very strong, way too strong even for me. So I cut it out, and dropped it.

Here’s the updated cover, that is obligatory to each blog post, lately:

What I’ve changed it in mostly the face, as in lighting, and that stuffs.


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