Updates from beyond the back pain!

Hello, Sirs, and Madams that are frequent to my near-weekly blog posts! If you’re new, why not read the ones before this? They’re not plentiful, but they speak HEAPS about myself.

So, why the hell am I making THIS post? Just a update, on some things. Some very important, some very unimportant, which do add up to become a important factor in the big ol’ scheme of things.

First things first: Why have I not been drawing very much? Well, on Saturday I decided sleeping on a couch was a better idea, than my bed. I woke up feeling like a voodoo doll, if the voodoo doll could feel each and every string that makes up it’s tiny, and near meaningless existence. But I SHOULD be better come Friday, which means Ask Pulse WILL be returning this week, if I get enough questions, BUT may be late.

SECONDLY!: I revised Samantha Gunner’s cover, tell me if ya like it. Or don’t, I didn’t care anyways, jerks.

As you can see, it’s changed just slightly with the title wording, and background. Black and white gradiants are sooooo 1995-1997

Concerning Sam furthermore: I have decided to increase the size of the book, and do it in full Greyscale. Why? Well, I was thinking of perhaps getting it published. Either that, or at least make it more…. MORE. Like, originally, it was supposed to lead on into another comic that I’ll do a few years from now. And just give a half-ass’d story in which had no real climactic ending. I disliked that, and decided having the book be longer, and more informative, as well as entertaining, would be great experience. So there ya go! Sam will be in greyscale and have probably more than one hundred pages, (which may make me put Lame Game on hold, for a wee bit.) and my back will be out of commish for two more days! Joyous!

Oh, also… During my pain-days, I’ve been working under the table with some selected people. A individual that will be working with me on a project, for the next months/years, depending on how this project turns out. This’ll be the only sort of information on said project, as we wanna keep it real hush hush, until it actually becomes reality.

Oh… Also…Uhh…. I was thinking of having Lame Game be a issue post, sorta deal. Like, Fyur Ball, and Lame Game come out as a package every few months. Rather than weekly. This’ll give me more time, and not having to struggle with making the posts (As my net isn’t the best, due to the people I live with.). Would you all agree with this? I personally love the idea of getting everything in one shot, it really just pisses me off to get into a comic, and have it so I have to wait another bloody week so I can find out the next half of the conversation. Like, C’MON.

Lame Game issue two, WILL start February as planned months in advance. So no need to worry about that, I was just meaning like, for future issues. Ya’know?



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