Hello, idiots, smart people, and people that think they’re smart (hidden idiots). Oh, and I SUPPOSE I should acknowledge the gentlemen, and ladies, being they DO make up 93.863% of my fanbase/friends.

How is everyone doing? That’s fantastic, lemme just cut to the chase, here kiddies. I’m coming out with a actual book, YES a actual. Fucking. Book.

“But Jessy, A actual. Fucking. Book?” Yes, my dear nameless being, a actual, fucking, book.

“What’s the name of such soon-to-be-physical-in-my-hands-book?” Well, I’ll show you the cover of said book. But you have to promise not to tell anyone else, it’s just for you. Ye- yes, yes you.

Aint it a beauty? That’s the first glimpse of Sam, anywhere (Besides a e-mail to a forbidden ghoul, but that was almost mandatory). So yeah! This is the cover of “Sam Gunner”, the story of- well- Sam Gunner! This will go through a special time in Samantha’s life, there might be mini-strips after the book is completely done, but that’s neither a here, nor a there.

HOW LONG WILL THE BOOK BE?!: Thanks for the question! The book will be quite small, it’ll be all comics, as I am a comic maker. Full colour, and all together, around forty-five pages, give or take some special goodies.

WILL IT BE ONLINE, FOR FREE, N’ STUFFS?: YES! But you’ll have to wait a bit longer, for that, rather than buying it physically. And here’s what I’ma do: Starting at the end of December, I’ll post a full chapter online, until the sixth chapter (There are seven chapters, the seventh one you don’t really need to know, to get the full experience. It’s just sorta like, you buy it, you get more goodies.).

WHEN WILL YOU BE SELLING IT ONLINE?: Geez, you ask a lot of questions, Sir. The book will be online to buy, around April. Give or take. I’ll be selling the first printed versions in person, at Toronto’s Wizard World comic convention. Along with a limited edition card, that comes with it.

I LIKE LIMITED EDITION THINGIES, WHAT BE IT?: Are you a orc? You have the grammar of one… The special limited edition card, will be the first chapter’s mint-condition heart-card. Said card will be very important to the story, and if not Sam alone, other of my stories. There will only be twenty-five of these cards printed, and will only be sold with the book. And for you computer people, with no teleporters, I’ll save five from Wizard World comic convention, so that when I put them up, online, a few of you guys can get said special card. It’s first come, first serve, boys, and girls.

Other news: I’ve launched a new site! Head on over through the link, and read Lame Game/Fyur Ball, from the very beginning:


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