Salutations! It’s time for another text review, from yours truly.

This time around, I’ll be reviewing the game S4 League. S4 stands for “Stylish eSper Shooting Sports”, a bit of a odd name, but whatever. ON TO THE REVIEW. Since it’s a mostly PvP-based game, I’ll be reviewing it on weapons, armor, and modes. Music, as well. Seeing how they put a LOT of effort into the music:

MAPS – I don’t think I got to play all of the maps, but that’s probably because some of them are very cheap, thus shunned. Such shunned maps, like Blockbuster. Blockbuster is a small map, in which is just perfect for melee-only matches. The tiles on the ground can be destroyed, and so it adds the fun, and difficulty. Although, if you have a melee/guns match…. It becomes a nightmare for EVERYONE.

Not all maps are like this, a lot of the maps are still fun. Even if you played them, say, one-hundred times, or so. They’re just so deliciously crafted, that you really have to give the makers of that map, a E-Highfive, or two.

PERKS – You can only have one perk at a time, be it a HP boost, a SP boost, or even flying. There are quite a few different perks, which make the PvP quite interesting. Say you forgot that you have the wing perk, and you go into a match with one person, and the map is a small one. The wing perk is utterly useless, so you just hope they don’t have a perk like the block perk, which… Allows them to block, for a bit. In such cases, you have to rely on pure skill with what ammo you have! Bad thing is, you forgot that you only use wings, to snipe, so you have the cannonade, and a nearly useless turret.

‘Dem wings, babe. ‘Dem wings

Perks add a new flavor to the game, and allows for more enjoyment. Good call, Alaplaya, good call.

SNIPER-BASED PLAYERS – I heard from a old player, that helped me with my review. That sniper-type guns were quite overpowered, I assumed they fixed that. So in the latest patch, it now takes two hits to kill you, not one. Well, one if you’re close range. IS THAT BALANCE? YOU DECIDE. (I personally, think it’s a step in the right direction.)

ASSAULT-BASED PLAYERS – Assault-type players are in heaven, in this game. There are so many different weapons to choose from, with different skins, and different…. Other things, I’m sure. The guns are pretty balanced, besides the sub-machine gun. That’s broken as hell, and a ton of players voice their opinion on the matter, as so. So there ya go Alaplaya, get to it, yeah?

What I am holding here, is said weapon. I’m such a hypocrite

SUPPORT-BASED PLAYERS – There is actually a medic gun! It works basically like the medic-class from TF2. I, myself haven’t gotten the chance to use one, because I’m not that kind of guy, but it DOES seem very fun.

STRATEGY-BASED PLAYERS – I loved when people played like this, they would put turrets in common places. But hard to get at, unless you had wings. Places that the turret could shoot from, and not have to worry about it being destroyed so easily. People that actually took the time to learn their surroundings, and used it to their advantage. There are not a whole lot, and it’s very easy to play as. You can use any sort of combination of guns/melee weapons for this, which is also a plus.

MUSIC – The music in this game, is the bomb-diggity. They wanted nice music to greet my ears, when I played this game, and they have done so, so nicely. What more can I say? I’ve never hated the background music in any of the maps.

Voice overs are quite nice, as well. Sometimes they sound a bit dumb, but all in all, it fits in pretty good.

GRAPHICS – As you can see, through the screenshots. They aren’t so bad, the filesize of the game is pretty nice. Smaller than most games, nowadays. 1.78 GBs with all of the patches. The game is focused on being cute, while still reminding you “KILL THEM, KILL THEM ALL! OFF WITH THEIR VIRTUAL HEADS, MWHAHAHAH!!!” Which gives me a better feeling, than say… World of Warcraft, with it’s feeling of “Alright…. Killed a giant dragon. Loot it’s corpse, damn, didn’t get my shoulders. Oh well, queue up, and lets waste another four hours.”

See? Fuckin’ adorable

OVERALL – The game is great, most of the things are balanced (Besides a few selected weapons), the community is nice (Besides a few selected people), there ARE hackers. I don’t understand why the GMs don’t do shit all, about them, but it feels like it’s a unloved game, by Alaplaya. And in my experience, Alaplaya’s best game, IS S4 League, so there you go, Alaplaya, get on it.

So out of ten?: Oh… I’d say… Give or take, eight. It was a very good game, the modes were fantastic. The PvP is good, other than a few people that lag. And overall, I HIGHLY suggest giving it a try. If you’re in the market for a good game.


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