Ask Pulse!

How’s everyone doing, fine? WELL THAT’S FANTASTICO! ‘Cos I’m not the greatest.

– One of my kitty’s tail broke, so thus, is now dead. And it is highly encouraged that it is to be cut off, or else it could die.

– Look in at comic strip below.

(Click for fullsize)

So you heard it here, folks. Pulse, my assistant will be answering your questions. Every Friday! And that can be ANY question, ALL questions. Anything from say, the meaning of life, to where your pen went. All will be answered, through the limited knowledge of my Angel Droppling friend (She is just a bit mis-guided, don’t be mean to her.). I put her in charge because I know, while I’m gone treating my goat feet. That she will do a great job! She gets my pencils when they fall, I’m SURE she can do this right.

So if you have a question that needs answering, the email is and don’t worry. She knows how to use a computer (Just don’t look at her “My pictures” folder, some very, very wrong things in there. Ugghhh…)


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